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Alumni Society Restructuring and Elections 2011

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Alumni Society Restructuring and Elections 2011

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:40 pm

Since June 2010, the members of the Board of Trustees believe that the Society could achieve more per company - fulfilling our mission of Unity, Guidance, and Progress. Through numerous studies on well performing organizations, and advice from pioneering members of the Society including our Alumni Adviser VADM Santos, we have concurred that a more decentralized structure fits our organization's uniqueness.

In line with this, we would like to present the restructuring of our Alumni Society:

1. There will be seven (7) members of the Board of Trustees (BoT): the Alumni President, four Vice Presidents (one for each company: Alfa, Bravo, Charlie and Delta), the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Qualifications are as follows:­­­

A. Candidate Alumnus who either works land based or on offshore ensuring his participation in most, if not all, activities of the Society.

B. In case of Adopted Members (wife and/or husband/adopted ex-class member) they may be elected as member/s of the Board but could not hold the President’s position.

C. Candidate Alumnus MUST understand the duties and responsibilities as Member of the Board.

2. There will be a board of canvassers composed of Alumni working at MAAP, preferably one per company who will countercheck all proceedings.

3. For the first four seats for the Board of Trustees, each company will hold their OWN independent elections for Company Representatives thru their groups on our websites and from March 3 to March 13. The Admin of our websites will monitor the entire event and will announce the results on March 14.

4. For the remaining three seats, the following will be the election process:

Maximum number of candidates will be seven (7).

There are two means on how an alumnus could be elected as member of the Board:

a. Nomination. Any member of the Society may nominate any other member.

Afterwards the nominated alumnus should state explicitly, whether through posting in the website or directly informing the Interim President (thru the site, phone or email), his acceptance or refusal of the nomination. Refusal will be presumed from a nominated alumnus who will not present explicit acceptance of the nomination on or before March 14, Monday (silence means no).

b. Filing of Candidacy. Any member of the Society may file his candidacy thru posting in the mentioned websites or thru email to the Interim President which will then be reposted by the admin in the sites.

5. For the purpose of anonymity (candidates will NOT know who you voted for), the company members’ choice shall be presented by their elected Company Representatives who (after communication and agreement within their company) will select three (3) persons among the candidates for the remaining three (3) BoT seats from March 14 to 27, Sunday.

The Company Representative shall then post their company’s selection on March 27, and shall be tabulated by the Admin and the results announced by the Interim President on Mar 28.

In case of a tie, the new Members of the Board, shall convene by any means and will have a tie breaker.

NB: Above company election will simultaneously open online in our two alumni sites, and and will be run by the Company Representative or his/her designated person. An alumnus can only vote ONCE in either one of the stated sites.

Usernames must include surname to be considered valid, and members verified by the Company Representatives.

(Adopted members can vote, as long as it is a single vote. If their alumnus husband/wife already voted, the adopted member/s can NOT vote unless they are alumnus too, i.e.03 Chavez-03 Duran, 04 Ongoco-04 Manimtim, 05 Medina-05Alfonso. If combined user name of husband and wife alumni, it is counted as two votes.)

6. The new Members of the Board of Trustees shall then meet on an agreed location on April 2nd, Saturday, to elect among themselves the different positions, the results of which will then be posted in the Alumni sites on April 3.

The final outcome shall be one President, four Vice Presidents (one per company), one Treasurer and one Secretary.

Class Presidents/representatives are invited to witness the event but have no voting rights (unless he is elected member of the board too).

7. Schedule

Event/Date/ Persons Involved/Output/Official Date of Results

Company Election of Company Representatives/Mar3-13/All Alumni/4 Company Representatives /Mar 14

Filing of Candidacy, or nomination of candidates/Mar3-13/Interested Alumni/First 7 Candidates for remaining three board seats/Mar 14

Election for the three (3) remaining Board seats/Mar14-27/Company members thru their Company Representative/Three names from Candidates (per company)/Mar 28

First BoT meeting and Election/April 2/New Board Members/Positions of board members/Apr 3

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just to confirm

Post  Jasmin C Labarda 2003 on Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:33 pm

only an alumnus can be qualified?

just a thought... =)
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