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Post  figuracion05 Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:50 am

Good day, dux. Our ship’s been here in Mauritius for over 2 months now. Mostly on anchorage. I’ve had a shoreleave once, here at Port Louise, the city capital. The money they are using is rupees, its 31.2 a dollar exchange. There are too much black market here so there is no hard up getting your money changed, but be careful because some were really mafia (ship crew lingo). Much better to look for those business establishments that are really trusted so you can get what your money’s worth like banks or Western Union (yap,meron d2 kaya pede ring magpadala ng pera sa pilipinas). Before going ashore, must secure a xerox of passport, necessary for moneychanging. No shorepass needed. If you want to call home, try going to mall and look for Emtel (cell network), to buy sim,also need the Xerox of passport for the register of sim, one crew is enough to buy all of you a sim. Top up card cost 5 dollars and can reach up to 18min. international call. It is also better to go out on weekdays than weekends because Saturday, some shops were closed and most are only open half day, even the western union. Languages use are French and Indian. Most people do understand English, no problem conversing. Most of the street is like Carriedo or quiapo ( too much tiangge), also too much pirated cd’s. you can buy 4 cd’s for 50 rupees but choose wisely ‘cause much are dubbed in French. Spots to see are the city plaza with lots of monuments, The Mauritius Institute, the museum of natural arts (free entrance) where you will find the dodo bird (national emblem),Mc Donald, KFC, and souvenir shops. Can ride a taxi though if you want to see some more sights or find other shopping mall (who would now much about the place but the taxi drivers,right)

Question: whats the point of telling these crap?

Halos karamihan sa’ting mga alumni ay nasa barko kundi man lahat. I would like to ask or make a suggestion, if it is possible, na sana may forum din about different countries and let us (alumnus) to add a port in each kung saan tayo nakapagshoreleave and write some important advice/things/points to remember for others na magkakaroon ng opportunity to go there. In this way, we can share an idea of what to expect, what to avoid, how/where to go etc. (wag nyo rin kalimutang include ung mga bar,dux,hehe). Hope someone get the point.

Thanks and peace, dux…..

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Post  kid_asuncion03 Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:02 am

sabi na nga ba bar lang ang tatanong mo eh! Twisted Evil

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Post  tolentino_05 Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:19 pm

GESAMP ka tlga figgy!Smile

+1 maganda nga ung naisip mo parang walkthrough sa isang city!Smile

Following Seas.Smile

The Fish said to the drowning Jackal (who tried to catch him yet fell into the water),"you can't breathe here, its not your place."

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