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Time Division Multiplex(TDM): What for?

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Time Division Multiplex(TDM): What for?

Post  camching06 on Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:08 pm

Maybe some of u lam na wat TDM, but for those di pa po alam slightly explain me and share me natutunan me nung kumuha me Japanese License. coz dun lang din me naintindhan.. maybe some of those deck pips na kumuha na ng Japanese license knows it already.. just want to share for the benefit ng wla po idea.. Sabi kasi ng instructor namin xa daw nakadiscover ng the secret behind TDM.. hehehe. un ung sabi nya.. hehehe. il explain briefly..

kapag nag blackout usually nagrereset sa default settings ung mga communication equipments sa ship. kapag nag drydock for sure u will experience blackouts and there will be a chance na magreset nga rin.. heres the story ng instructor before i further explain..

one ship experienced blackout underway and the deck officers sa ship found out na walang signal ung communication equipments nila. as in no means of communication daw. They tried and read manuals but di nila nafigure out how marerestore ung signal.. Luckily nasa coast sila ng pinas and may cgnal ung cellphone.. they contacted ung office nila and un nga they explained what happened and they asked for technician to come onboard sa next port nila. Ung instructor namin heard about their situation and xa na ung kumausap sa tagabarko.. He asked the deck officer(maybe the capt.) to sit infront ng GMDSS Equipment and asked to open ung settings window.. sa window na un makikita u na ung setting ng Bearing, Heading, Azimuth, Elevation, Satellite and un nga.. ung TDM Frequency number. andun rin ung Priority, Network, Ocean Area, Etc. JRC ung equipment. Our instructor asked for the telex number ng ship... 1333114. He asked what ung setting ng TDM nila and he replied 0. He told the officer to set the TDM to 1. sinunod ng officer ung sinabi nya and then the signal suddenly boost up..nagkacgnal ung ship and Back to normal ung communication system nung ship.

TDM is like a channel or frequency and u can only set it up to either 0(zero) or 1(one). 1333114 ung telex number ng ship and ung middle number nya ay 3. dahil odd number kaya iseset u sa 1 ung TDM which is odd number din.. kung ang mid number ng telex number ay even.. den iset u rin sa even number ung TDM which is 0.
to sum it up.. If the mid telex number is even then set it to 0(zero).
If the mid telex number is odd then set it to 1(one).
ex. 1333114 mid number is 3 then TDM is 1
1332114 mid number is 2 then TDM is 0

basta check for the mid number nung telex number then u can determine what setting will u use sa TDM.
hehhe.. inaantok ako nung tinuro yan.. heheheh.. sa NYK training center me nagtraining.. followed up dun sa KLINE naman. i hope makatulong naishare me and madali po maintindhan kung pano me inexplain.. hehehe baka may gusto po magelaborate feel free to do so.. hehhee.. till next post. ingat pala sa nyk training center.. dami nakawan nung andun me for 1 week.. mismong japanese instructor namin nawala ung laptop nya... ingats!!!! sarap sa cantene ng KLINE! mura na busog ka pa! hehehe lapit pa sa MOA. astig!


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Re: Time Division Multiplex(TDM): What for?

Post  michaeljohnesplago08 on Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:01 am

hmmm sir?! heheh dux share ko din akin hehhe... according to my former instructor sa AIS course from the K-line Maritime Academy ang TDM ay yung parang automatic protocol ng mga satellite up-to-date system... like AIS it keeps on updating and updating diba? yung TDM sya yung pila ng pila sa satellite para mabigay yung info... yun nga lang ang madaya eh automatic na yung place nya sa line... like example eh every 4th byte... hmmm para continous update... hehhe hindi ko alam pano iconnect sa theory pero yun yung naalala ko sana nagtanong pa ko heheh

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